Protests for November 7


The projected winner of the 2020 election was announced by multiple news sources this morning: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be in office come January. It was a tight race to the finish line, and at its conclusion the country was split in its opinion of the election. Across the country, Biden-Harris supporters danced and partied in the streets while Trump-Pence supporters held rallies demanding that the Democrats stop stealing the vote by counting mail-in ballots (which were overwhelmingly in favor of a Biden-Harris presidency). It was no different in Oregon, which saw a busy day in Salem and in Portland.

The day began at a Stop the Steal rally at the Capitol Building in Salem, where right-wing protesters waved American and Trump flags in about equal measure. This rally saw very few leftist counter-protesters up until the very end, but the few that showed up during the day were outnumbered and were immediately assaulted and chased out by right-wing rally-goers. The angry crowd accosted and assaulted journalists who they deemed “fake press”, and also attacked a car that drove through the flag-waving rally shouting disparities about Trump through a bullhorn.

At the same time, in Portland, a black-led youth march was held, where black community members led chants and gave speeches about the future of the movement with Biden as president. Press coverage was sparse at this demonstration, as many reporters were occupied by the events in Salem, but this march happened without incident from right-wingers or police. Black youth led the march of a few hundred through the streets and some speakers asked that their white allies should be more present at black-organized events.

Back in Salem, a left-wing demonstration began at 3 pm at Pringle Park about half a mile away from the Capitol Building, where Trump supporters were still holding their rally and seemingly waiting for the arrival of leftist counter-protesters. Mere minutes into the beginning of the march from the park, Salem Police arrived and blocked the intersection in front of the protesters, declaring an unlawful assembly. It should be noted that this group of protesters had only just begun marching after listening to speakers at the park. Protesters circumvented this blockage by simply getting on the sidewalk and walking around the police line, marching onwards to the Capitol Building. The confrontation between the right and left in front of the Capitol Building was brief, as they were immediately separated by Oregon State Police and Salem Police working in tandem. Joint police also took this time to push leftist protesters back, mostly by forcefully shoving those in the back of the pack closest to the police line, further down the block away from the right-wing protesters, and at least one arrest [of a leftist protester] was made at this time. This event ended quickly when the leftist group departed and marched back to Pringle Park.

Of note, there were two events that took place that were not mentioned in this timeline or were only mentioned briefly: another right-wing flag waving rally in Vancouver, Washington and a celebration dance party that took place in Downtown Portland. The flag waving rally ended without incident besides some members of the press being accosted by rally-goers. The celebration began as an impromptu Biden-Harris flag waving downtown during the day, which then grew into a full-blown dance party that went on into the night.

Scheduled Events


Stop the Steal Rally

Right-wing protesters are not kind to press members in the area.

Some protesters are armed at the event:

A counter-protester is chased out by aggressive right-wing protesters.

The event appears to be wrapping up and attendees begin leaving the area.

Until Michael Cross comes back for another speech for the crowd:

A small group of counter-protesters come to the rally.

There is talk among the protesters of crashing the left-wing demonstration about half a mile away.

Break White Silence March

At the same time, a black youth-led march is happening in Portland. [Or click here for the same clip with closed captioning.]

Week of Action Rally

An anti-fascist rally in Salem, which moved locations hours before the event due to safety concerns, begins at 3 pm.

Note: The “Antifa Tank” is present at this demonstration, and journalist Melissa Lewis pops a sick wheelie in it on her first try.

Just before 5 pm, demonstrators begin their march.

Minutes after protesters begin marching, Salem Police block the street and declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Protesters continue marching by going around officers.

The right-wing rally is still at the Capitol building, waiting for the leftist demonstration to come through.

Protesters arrive at the Capitol Building to confront the right-wing rally.

Oregon State Police advances on protesters, pushing them further down the sidewalk.

A left-wing protester is arrested:

Kudos to those who could hit the high notes pitching in on this tune:

Protesters march back to Pringle Park and the night ends in Salem.

Downtown Portland Dance Party

Back in Portland, a celebration dance party downtown that began during the day has stretched into the night.




Indigenous Action


The Oregonian

Portland Mercury

The Stranger

We Out Here

Willamette Week


Agencies Present

  • Oregon State Police
  • Salem Police Department





Note: it is unclear which of the arrestees were right-wing or left-wing protesters, but there is video footage of at least one left-wing arrest.


  • Assault IV 
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Interfering with Police
  • Offensive Littering
  • Unlawful possession of firearm
  • Unlawful use of OC