Protests for October 28


Tonight’s demonstration took place at the ICE facility in Southwest Portland. Demonstrators gathered at the usual meeting place for ICE protests: Elizabeth Caruthers Park. From there the small group of protesters marched to the ICE facility, where they remained only briefly before continuing to march around the block to the sound of Homeland Security (DHS) officers making an announcement over their loudspeaker. Upon their re-arrival to the facility, the protest was met with yet another announcement that the facility was closed and to stay off the grounds. Officers then made their first appearance outside of the building for the night and arrested a protester that had walked up the driveway. After the arrest they re-entered the building.

When officers emerged a second time, they began deploying munitions towards protesters, including tear gas and impact munitions, and pushed protesters out of the area. For the next few hours officers continued flooding the area with tear gas and multiple arrests were made, two of whom were taken off in ambulances towards the end of the night, one in a neck brace. By about 2 am, with less than 10 protesters left in the area and having endured being gassed and shot at for hours, the demonstration had ended.

Scheduled Events

  • March to ICE – 11 pm


Protesters gather at Elizabeth Caruthers Park near the ICE facility for the night’s demonstration.

Around 11:40 pm, protesters arrive at the ICE facility.

At about 11:50 pm, protesters begin marching away from the ICE facility.

After a march around the area, protesters return to the ICE facility just after midnight.

Homeland Security (DHS) officers make an appearance outside the facility.

Just before 12:30 am, federal officers reemerge from the ICE facility and begin firing tear gas at protesters and press.

Federal officers begin retreating back towards the ICE facility just after 1 am, but not before deploying more munitions towards protesters.

Protesters also return to the ICE facility.




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Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service
  • U.S. Marshals


  • pepper balls
  • stun grenades
  • tear gas
  • rubber bullets


No information from Homeland Security. At least 3 arrests were caught on camera over the course of the night.


No information from Homeland Security.