Protests for October 25


The demonstration of the day took place outside of Portland in Lake Oswego, a majority white, former sundown town. Protesters, led by Moms United for Black Lives, gathered at a park in a residential neighborhood and immediately drew the attention of passersby. Throughout the entire demonstration, as protesters marched through both residential and business streets in the city, groups of spectators and counter-protesters on foot and in cars followed them around, including members of far-right group Proud Boys. Despite attempts at intimidation from those in the area, protesters’ spirits remained high throughout the march and the event ended without any physical confrontations between protesters and counter-protesters.

Scheduled Events


Between the trucks driving by and people from the neighborhood standing near the park, it appears this demonstration has drawn the attention of the community in Lake Oswego.

The protest is on the move:

Members of far-right hate group “Proud Boys” have made an appearance at the demonstration.

Right-wing counter-protesters continue making appearances.




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Agencies Present

  • Lake Oswego Police Department