Protests for October 27


Portland had quite the busy evening today. Three separate events took place, the first being the vigil for Walter Wallace Jr., a 27 year old black man who was murdered by Philadelphia Police during a mental health crisis call yesterday. The vigil began at 7 pm and ended around 8:45 pm, during which protesters gathered around the Justice Center downtown and listened to black speakers and placed candles on the steps of the building for Walter.

After the vigil ended protesters split into two locations for two different demonstrations – one at the North Precinct and the other starting at Arbor Lodge Park in North Portland. The demonstration at the north precinct was relatively brief. Protesters arrived at the precinct around 10 pm to the sight of squad car headlights shining out of the driveway of the building, illuminating protesters. By 10:45 pm a journalist just arriving on the scene reported that the group was no longer there, indicating that the demonstration had seemingly ended by then.

The other demonstration began at Arbor Lodge Park. Protesters marched silently through the residential area around the park until they reached their destination – City Commissioner Dan Ryan’s home. Once there, they chanted outside urging Dan to vote to lower PPB’s budget tomorrow. The chanting past 11 pm prompted the appearance of Dan Ryan and his partner on their front lawn, where they ended up standing for around an hour listening to protesters speak about their experiences with police brutality during the protests. However, Dan Ryan refused to offer a formal statement on how he will vote at the budget meeting on October 28th, but did exchange contact information with some protesters who wished the continue the dialogue.

All 3 demonstrations began and ended without police interference besides some verbal commands over loudspeakers.

Scheduled Events


A vigil is being held downtown for Walter Wallace Jr., who was shot and killed by Philadelphia police yesterday.

As the vigil comes to an end, some community members head to different locations for the night. Rest in Power, Walter Wallace Jr.

North Precinct

Second location #1: The North Precinct.

By 10:45 pm, the demonstration appears to have ended.

Arbor Lodge Park

Second location #2: Arbor Lodge Park.

Protesters arrive at city commissioner Dan Ryan’s house and begin chanting outside.

Dan Ryan agrees to engage in a dialogue with protesters.




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