Protests for October 4


Portland had a busy day of protests on October 4th. Around noon, a right-wing 2nd Amendment rally began downtown. Estimates by journalists on the ground placed the number of attendees of this rally around 30 people at most. But if there’s a right-wing rally in town, there will always be leftist counter-protesters present as well. Some rally attendees came open carrying, while others had mace on their belts. Over the course of the event, small clashes happened between right-wing protesters and left-wing counterprotesters, most of them verbal but a few physical as well. At least two people were also maced, and a physical fight prompted Portland Police to come in and separate the two groups. By around 5 pm the rally finally wound down and right-wing protesters left the area.

In another part of town, also at noon, a black folx-only demonstration began. There were around 100 – 150 community members in attendance at the Black Existence March. Protesters at this event marched around the neighborhood, and at their starting point and end point of the march stopped to listen to speakers and musical performances. The march began and ended peacefully, without any interference from the police, and attendees were able to revel in a cultivated safe black-only space.

In the afternoon, a self-care art event at Holladay Park took place in North Portland. Attendees were given art supplies, including chalk, as a medium to create art while performing self-care and community bonding. This event wasn’t a protest, but more of a chance for community members to come together and decompress between protests.

In the evening, a direct action march began at the waterfront park downtown. The destination of this march wasn’t announced ahead of time, but by the time the small group of around 50 protesters began marching Portland Police were already on the scene announcing to protesters that vandalism of the new courthouse building would not be tolerated. Just before 10:10 pm, the group arrived at the new courthouse and was immediately met by a small line of officers in riot gear. However protesters did not stay there long, and soon marched to the Justice Center, where they also remained briefly before marching on to City Hall. Once there, protesters seemed to relax somewhat before a passing van carrying riot officers got folx on their feet again. Some vandalism occurred on the City Hall building at some point after protesters arrived.

After the first pass-by from riot officers, members of the group of protesters suggested they practice linking their arms together in order to remain tight as a group and prevent mass arrests. Immediately after protesters finished practicing this maneuver, riot officers once again appeared and began attempting to pull protesters out of the linked group to arrest. While it was not perfect, protesters linking together and not moving proved to be fairly effective in preventing arrests. While some individuals were pulled forcefully out of the group and arrested, protesters were able to prevent officers from performing a mass arrest, and they eventually left with only a few individuals that they were able to detain. By 12:30 am, the group had dwindled to around 10 individuals, and the night ended quietly without any further interactions with police.

Scheduled Events


A rally organized by right-wing protesters begins around noon.

2A Rally

A group of counter-protesters arrives to confront the right wing protesters.

A small scuffle breaks out and is quickly de-escalated by counter-protesters.

Portland Police arrives but does not immediately confront the dueling protests.

Some of the right-wing protesters depart from the area, leaving the rest of the group of protesters behind.

Portland Police officers come and separate protesters and counter-protesters.

Black Existence March

In a different area of the city, a black-led rally and march begins around noon.

Just after 2 pm, protesters begin marching.

Self Care Event

In the afternoon, a self care event begins at Holladay Park around 6 pm.

Direct Action March

In the evening, a direct action march begins at Tom McCall Waterfront park around 9 pm.

Around 9:50 pm, the group begins marching out of the park.

The group of protesters leave the new courthouse and soon arrive at the Justice Center nearby.

*CONTENT WARNING*: blood (video below)






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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office


  • less lethal impact munitions




Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, Escape in the Third Degree, Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, Interfering with a Peace Officer, Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree, Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree