Protests for October 31


Happy Halloween, Portland! The city celebrated the holiday today the best way we know how – by protesting police brutality.

The first event of the night took place at Irving Park, where a demonstration led by PNW Youth Liberation Front marched throughout the North Portland area. The group marched for about an hour, reportedly breaking many windows of large businesses as they went. Despite Portland Police declaring the gathering a riot very early in the night (at around 7:40 pm), the group employed tactics that kept them moving enough to avoid arrests until they arrived back at the park after their march. By about 8:10 pm, the demonstration ended without any confrontations with police or arrests.

The second event took place at Esther Short Park in Vancouver, Washington, where protesters gathered to demand justice for Kevin Peterson, a young black man killed by Vancouver Police two days ago. Attendance of this demonstration numbered in the few hundreds, according to on-the-ground reports. As protesters trickled into Esther Short Park, they were immediately met by both a high right-wing counter-protest presence across the street from the park and a high police presence in the park itself barring people from walking through. Protesters spent the night marching to various locations, avoiding police and being tailed by far-right groups most of the way. Just after 1 am, Vancouver Police declare the gathering an unlawful assembly, but do not use any crowd control munitions on the group of protesters. The protest ended for the night shortly after, around 1:30 am, with no arrests and very little interference by the police.

Scheduled Events


Irving Park – Portland, OR

The Halloween protest begins at 6 pm at Irving park.

A closer look at the frankly terrifying masks being handed out:

Just after 7:05 pm, the continually growing protest departs from Irving Park.

Around 7:40 pm, Portland Police (PPB) declare the gathering a riot over their loudspeakers (LRAD).

Highly recommend hearing PPB’s choice of words:

Around 8:10 pm, protesters arrive back at Irving Park and conclude the night.

Esther Short Park – Vancouver, WA

Another demonstration takes place in Vancouver demanding justice for Kevin Peterson, who was killed by Vancouver police.

Protesters arrive at the sheriff’s department around 11 pm.

Ah, right. It’s still Halloween.

Just after 11:30 pm, protesters arrive at the Washington State Patrol crime lab.

Quick check-in on numbers outside the crime lab:

At about midnight protesters begin marching again, leaving the Washington State Patrol forensic lab.

Around 12:20 am protesters arrive back at Esther Short Park, where the demonstration began earlier in the night.

A protester in a small pink vehicle arrives at the scene:

A note on the identification numbers of Vancouver PD officers:

Around 12:35 am protesters begin marching again.

Just after 1:05 am Vancouver Police declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.





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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Clark County Sheriffs Office
  • Vancouver Police Department