Protests for July 31


Protests continued across Portland, from a car caravan that looped from East Portland to downtown, to a Firefighters in Solidarity with BLM event, to The People Vs. ICE holding a march and rally to talk about its impact on their community and solidarity with other oppressed groups.

Marchers gathered at Waterfront Park before proceeding to the Justice Center, including the Unemployed Workers for Black Lives march which marked the scheduled expiration of CARES act funding on July 31. AZN Bloc and Moms for Black Liberation also rallied together with the workers’ group. At the Justice Center, minimal police presence was seen as protesters gave speeches, chanted, and started small fires in the street. Most activity had wound down by 2 AM.

Scheduled Events


The People vs. ICE is a rally and march this afternoon:

The Portland firefighters for BLM are gathering at the park named in their honor at NW 18th & Burnside:

Multiple times a week, car caravan protests offer a COVID-safe option to get out and show support for Black Lives Matter:

Several groups are planning to join protests tonight at the Justice Center, including an unemployed workers’ march, and Asians for Black Liberation. Folks are gathering at Waterfront Park to start this off:

At the Justice Center, speeches are happening on the steps and a support team is handing out safety gear next to the park:

Marchers leave Waterfront Park:

Meanwhile at Revolution Hall:

Downtown, the Justice Center/Federal Courthouse protest has grown to about a thousand people:

“Abolish the police!”

“Do you want to taste freedom, or not? Do you want to taste justice, or not! Justice is not those individuals being put in prison, justice is when we prevent this from ever happening again!”

A little percussion to go with the chants:

It’s still quiet on the law enforcement side of the fence:

Some small fires:

Not much police presence on the street level, but they’re definitely watching:

This is turning into a decent little campfire:

Fires continue to provoke disagreement, but also –

Some reports of Trump supporters who showed up to yell at people (and probably start a fight):

Some of the moms want the fire put out, so that’s the end of it.

On the other side of the block, cops come out and sweep trash away from one of the doors:

The moms left, so now there’s another fire:

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Agencies present

  • Federal: unknown, watching from the Federal Courthouse upper levels
  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Oregon State Police

Munitions used


Number of arrests

PPB: none