Protests for July 22


The nightly demonstration in Downtown Portland in front of the Justice Center and the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse occurred as it does nearly every night, this time with a notable guest: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. Thousands of people were present at the demonstration, and many made their feelings on Ted Wheeler, who is not only the mayor but also the police commissioner, abundantly clear by chanting “Fuck Ted Wheeler” and “Quit Your Job” both ahead of his arrival and at him after he arrived.

While Ted Wheeler and some protestors spoke in front of the Justice Center, at the Federal Courthouse across the street, protestors were throwing trash over the fence surrounding the courthouse and setting some of it on fire. Shortly after, federal officers made announcements for protestors to clear the area and stop their behavior, and eventually deployed tear gas, pepper balls, and flash bangs at protestors. Mayor Ted Wheeler was still in the crowd at the time and he and his security team also got gassed.

After the second round of tear gas, the mayor left the protest by entering into a city building two blocks west of the Justice Center. Less than an hour later, The Portland Police Bureau (PPB), who had not had a presence at the demonstration thus far, announce over their loudspeaker that they were declaring the gathering a riot. While PPB was making these announcements and threatening use of tear gas, federal officers were already deploying tear gas at protestors.

By about 3 AM, the attacks on protestors by federal officers had halted. Despite making announcements that they would engage protestors with crowd control munitions, PPB never made an appearance at the demonstration. The night ended without further incident after this time.

Scheduled Events


Ahead of Ted Wheeler’s planned presence at the nightly demonstration downtown, protestors made their feelings on Portland’s Mayor/Police Commissioner very clear.

Around 9:10 PM, Mayor Ted Wheeler arrived at the demonstration.

Note: “Protest Bureau” below refers to The Portland Protest Bureau, a black-led group in Portland that was created at the start of the George Floyd protests who purport to be leaders of the movement.

Next door to the Justice Center where Ted Wheeler and protestors were speaking, a group of protestors gathered in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

The Snack Van, who announced a few days ago that they would be leaving Portland, made a surprise return.

Just before 11:20 PM, federal officers emerged from the federal courthouse for the first time of the night and deployed tear gas, among other munitions, against protestors. Mayor Ted Wheeler was still in the area.

Around 11:40 PM, federal officers reemerged from the federal courthouse. Shortly after they deployed pepper balls and tear gas at protestors for the second time of the night.

Mayor Ted Wheeler departed the protest by entering The Portland Building, two block West of the Justice Center where protestors were being teargassed heavily by federal forces.

Around 12:30 AM, Portland Police, who hadn’t been seen downtown the whole night, declared a riot.

Multiple fires had been set throughout the night.

The Wall of Moms, who on previous nights had stuck on through multiple rounds of tear gas, were notably not present for very long at the demonstration leaving many asking why. Journalist Tuck Woodstock received an explanation:




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Agencies Present

  • U.S. Marshals
  • Portland Police Bureau


  • tear gas
  • pepper balls
  • flash bangs
  • lasers


Feds: six


  • failing to comply with a lawful order