Protests for July 19


Portland’s 53rd night of protesting saw around 1000 people in front of the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, numbers that we haven’t seen since the early days of the protests. Among them were a group of an estimated 300 – 400 moms, who call themselves the Wall of Moms, doctors/medical workers from OHSU, and everyday protestors alike. While a demonstration and march were slated to take place at St. Johns park, this did not happen due to low numbers resulting in safety concerns for those that were there.

Federal officers tear gassed protestors heavily multiple times throughout the night. They also shot munitions liberally, injuring multiple independent journalists including Alex Milan Tracy, Jake Johnson, and Donovan Farley. After several aggressive rounds of tear gas, pepper balls, and flash bangs, federal officers eventually retreated back into the federal courthouse and by 3 AM calm was returned to the area and lasted for the rest of the night.

Scheduled Events


At 7 PM, protesters gathered at St. Johns park for a rally and subsequent march.

The rally at St. Johns eventually dissipated without marching, reportedly due to low numbers.

Downtown at the nightly demonstration in front of the Justice Center and Federal Courthouse, the group of moms that were present at last night’s demonstrations returned for Round 2.

Just before 10 PM, federal officers came out of the federal courthouse. In front of them the group of moms stood in a human chain with their backs to the courthouse.

At about 10:30 PM, federal officers appeared to deploy the first flash bang of the night.

Around 11:20 PM, federal officers briefly reemerged from the courthouse.

After a round of pepper balls were shot at protestors on the south side of the fence around the federal courthouse, the line of moms moved further down the fence to fill in the space and protect the protestors behind.

At 11:45 PM, protestors tore down the fence surrounding the federal courthouse.

Around 11:50 PM, federal officers emerged from the federal courthouse building and began firing tear gas at protestors.

While only federal officers were on the street assaulting protestors, Portland Police Bureau officers were spotted shooting unknown munitions out of the small windows in the plywood barriers on the doors of the Justice Center.

Around 12:30 AM Federal officers finished tear gassing the crowd of protestors and went into the IRS building on 3rd and Madison, across from Terry Schrunk Plaza.

An important reminder that can always use repeating:

At around 1:45 AM, federal officers reemerged to mace, tear gas, and push protestors back away from the federal courthouse.




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Agencies Present

  • U.S. Marshals – Federal Protective Services
  • Portland Police Bureau


  • flash bangs
  • pepper balls
  • tear gas


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No information as of 10:30 AM