Protests for July 17


Friday was a big news day. The story of what’s happening in Portland broke in the national press, especially around the topic of federal law enforcement kidnapping protesters. Local reporters dug into some new details: the vans used are being rented from Enterprise, and while Mayor/Police Commissioner Wheeler turned down a chance to talk to interim DHS Chief Chad Wolf on Thursday, others went ahead and didn’t tell the chief of Portland Police about it. This meeting included the head of the Portland Police Association, Daryl Turner. In the early evening, one last story broke: the Oregon Department of Justice is suing the federal agencies involved in attacking Portland protests, and opening their own criminal investigation into the shooting of Donavan LaBella.

An afternoon press conference brought people out to talk about getting the feds out of Portland, and defunding and abolishing the local police. Later, a weekly Fridays 4 Future youth-led march visited the Don’t Shoot PDX community center before marching to Peninsula Park. In the evening, several hundred people gathered back at the Justice Center for a vigil and hip hop performances. As the event was winding down, the feds came out and deployed tear gas into the crowd. Some of the protesters split off and marched past Wheeler’s home in the Pearl District, before a large group reassembled in the parks across from the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center.

At 1:32 AM the Portland Police declared the gathering to be an unlawful assembly and gave everyone five minutes to pack up and leave, including removing sections of fence that had been placed in the road and against the building doors. PPB and the feds worked together to push everyone out and away from the area, using munitions and physically rushing the protesters and journalists. They also arrested people and confiscated supplies and personal belongings from mutual aid groups.

Scheduled Events


After the last few days’ news, many of us feel an urgent need to get the PACT paramilitaries out of Portland. This is the focus of at least two events happening today.

But first, we’re happy to say journalist Andrew Jankowski, who was arrested while covering last night’s protest at EMCSO, was released this morning:

The 1 PM press conference:

There were a few interruptions and interlopers, but then a strong finale:

With overlapping events tonight, we’re going to split them into their own sections. Scroll down for the Justice Center and other parts of town.

Fridays 4 Future

Defund Police Village

An abolitionist group is setting up camp in the North Park Blocks:

Justice Center

The vigil and hip hop events have decided to merge, since they both planned to use the area outside the Justice Center.

This would be a change, Hardesty very recently said in an interview (last week?) that she would not want the job.

People have been removing the fences around Chapman and Lownsdale Parks (directly across from the JC) and it looks like they’re starting to block off the street as well. This is looking south, a block from the Justice Center (the Federal Courthouse is just off screen to the left).

You can see how much more space there is for social distancing if people are allowed back into the parks:

There’s an ongoing issue involving a street preacher who’s hassling everyone:

Riot Ribs lives on!

The Portland Police have started to threaten the use of munitions before the hip hop show is even over.

I guess the feds don’t like music. or fun. or being sued by the Oregon DOJ?

Some folks have stayed near the Justice Center and Riot Ribs, others are currently marching:

Back to the Justice Center/Federal Courthouse area:

The marchers who went past Wheeler’s apartment have returned.

Then the feds threw some tear gas out of the window here:

People are putting fencing and sandbags against the entrance to the federal building, which is two blocks down from the courthouse and in normal times just for offices. Now the feds often exit here to start shooting at people.

Protests like this often have long slow periods in between being beaten or teargassed. Not sure if the fireworks are helping.

The Portland Police declared an unlawful assembly at 1:32 AM:

The Riot Ribs folks rented this U-Haul after they got their stuff back from the cops, because they were still in the process of getting things back to the right people (some of whom had been arrested) and there’s nowhere else to hold it.

PPB and the feds continued to attack and arrest people (including threatening journalists) for a while longer.

Other mutual aid groups were also attacked.




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Note: there are many inaccuracies in this article and accompanying interview. We include it because top DHS and CBP officials often only give interviews to FOX.

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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Feds: assorted DHS, US Marshals, etc (both blue and camo uniforms)

Munitions used

Number of arrests

PPB: seven


  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Assaulting a Public Safety Officer
  • Obstructing Governmental Administration
  • Assaulting a Public Safety Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Attempt Elude (Vehicle)
  • Resist Arrest
  • Escape III
  • Riot