Protests for July 8


The only arrest of the night that occurred at a protest happened just after 9 PM, when a minor was arrested by federal officers for purportedly pointing a laser at the federal courthouse building. After that incident, law enforcement officers did not interact with protesters again for the rest of the night.

An individual that claimed they were a part of The Portland Protest Bureau, a newly formed group in Portland that has drawn ire from local activists for claiming to be leaders of the movement, passed around a clipboard asking protesters to sign a petition to ban the use of tear gas by the Portland Police. This petition asked for people’s identifying information, including names and addresses. We would not recommend that anyone give out their identifying information while at a protest.

At 1:15 AM, an individual in a white car was seen driving erratically towards protesters and passing through the protest area multiple times. Protesters cleared a path for the individual to leave the area, which they did. As they drove away, the individual fired multiple shots into the air near where protesters were standing. Some reports indicate that a revolver was used.

Scheduled Events

Car Caravan Protest – 6 PM (this event will be held every Wednesday and Friday of July)

Stripper Strike Picnic – 3:30 PM


Early on in the night around 9:10 PM, federal agents made an arrest at Lownsdale Park across from the federal courthouse and Justice Center downtown. Some reports state that the individual is 17 years old.

We would also recommend that no one give their identifying information, especially name and address, while at a protest.

At 1:15 AM, an individual in a white car that had been driving aggressively at/near protesters fired multiple shots into the air as they exited the area in front of the Justice Center.

The night ended without any further interactions with law enforcement or arrests.





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Agencies Present

  • U.S. Marshals


  • pepper spray


  • 1, likely a minor


  • Unknown at this time