Protests for October 20


In the evening, protesters gathered at Elizabeth Caruthers Park near the ICE facility for the nightly demonstration. Tonight’s demonstration comes on the back of the news that 545 children have been detained by ICE and cannot be reunited with their parents because they (their parents) have been lost. Accordingly, the number 545 was written on walls around the area of the ICE facility during the demonstration.

Around 8:45 pm, about 100 protesters arrived at the ICE facility, and were mostly standing around and chanting until an unlawful assembly was declared by Homeland Security (DHS) agents at 9:35 pm. What followed was DHS officers pushing protesters out of the area using force and indiscriminately and brutally arresting protesters for the next few hours. An ambulance was also seen pulling into the facility around midnight, but leaves later without a passenger. There are some reports that another ambulance arrived later in the night, but that one didn’t leave empty-handed. By around 1:15 pm, with most of the protesters seemingly leaving the area when the first ambulance left, numbers dwindled and the night ended.

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Protesters gather at Elizabeth Caruthers Park in South Portland for the nightly demonstration.

Around 8:40 pm, protesters depart from the park.

Around 8:45 pm, protesters arrive at the ICE facility.

From the side of the ICE building:

Just after 9:35 pm, Homeland Security (DHS) officers declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Around 9:40 pm, DHS officers emerge from the ICE facility to confront protesters.

DHS officers retreat as far back as the front gate of the ICE facility, then rush back out and make several arrests. (CONTENT WARNING: The next two videos contain someone clearly in distress while they are being arrested. Their screams are heard in the next two videos and can be difficult to listen to.)

An ambulance is seen entering the ICE facility just before midnight.

DHS officers rush out of the building and arrest more protesters.

No one is taken out in the ambulance that had pulled into the ICE facility.





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