Protests for October 17


Across the country today, Women’s Marches took place in many major cities. Some specifically focused on opposing the possible appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. In Portland, the march and rally were led by BIPOC community members in support of Black Lives Matter. Hundreds of protesters marched a small route around the downtown area and listened to speakers at Terry Shrunk Plaza before and after the march.

In the evening, protesters gathered at Willamette Park in Southwest Portland. There, organizers passed out silver star balloons, which all had harrowing accounts of experiences in ICE custody taped onto them. Protesters brought these balloons to the ICE facility with the intent of tying them onto the front gate of the building and around the area. Unfortunately, as protesters arrived and began tying the balloons, federal officers immediately came out of the building and dispersed protesters with pepper balls. For several hours federal agents pushed protesters out of the area, retreated, then re-emerged several times to deploy impact munitions and tear gas. This push and pull of officers and protesters moving up and down Moody Ave. continued for the entire night, until the confrontations ended around 2 am.

Scheduled Events


Women’s March

A BIPOC-led Women’s March begins downtown at 11 am, one of many Women’s Marches that have taken place today across the country.

Solidarity March – ICE

The evening demonstration will take place at ICE to honor everyone that has died in ICE custody.

A drone is spotted above the protest.

Protesters begin marching around 8:35 pm.

Minutes after protesters arrive at the ICE facility, Homeland Security (DHS) officers emerge from the building and disperse the group with mace.

DHS agents push protesters further away from the ICE facility.

Just before 9:25 pm, DHS agents retreat after pushing protesters a few blocks.

Around 9:40 pm, DHS agents re-emerge and bullrush protesters.

DHS officers re-enter the ICE building around 9:55 pm.

Around 10:20 pm, federal officers emerge from the ICE facility for a third time.

While retreating back into the ICE facility, a tear gas canister appears to detonate accidentally.

The tear gas pesticide gun makes a return:




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Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service
  • U.S. Marshals


  • mace
  • pepper balls
  • tear gas


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