Protests for October 2


On Friday afternoon, a BLM art therapy event at Irving Park in NE Portland was disrupted by an unidentified DHS officer who claimed to be serving a warrant, then chased a person through the park while attendees attempted to block them. They did not make an arrest.

In the evening, protesters gathered in SE Portland at Laurelhurst Park to march to the Penumbra Kelly building on E Burnside, where Multnomah County sheriffs and Portland police are stationed. Before the protest left the park, police made an announcement using a LRAD loudspeaker saying that protesters did not have a permit for their march and must stay on sidewalks. This is similar to statements made at the start of an event in North Portland last week, but this time no police officers attempted to physically intervene.

The march left the park and arrived at the Penumbra Kelly building without interference. Protesters used foil reflectors to shine the bright headlights from police vehicles parked outside back onto the building. Around 10 PM, protesters began marching in what turned out to be a loop around the block, then returned to the front of the building. After some chants, they left and did another loop. Protesters gave speeches about an upcoming ballot measure to fund drug treatment programs, and about how racist systems criminalize Black people to fund themselves. Musicians set up a keyboard and guitars and began a jam session, with freestyle rapping on top. By midnight the protest appeared to be winding down and many people had left.

At about midnight, with no apparent change in the protester’s activities, police came out to address the vehicles that were blocking traffic (to protect the protest from car attacks). Protesters stood in front of a motorcycle officer to block them from getting to one of these support vehicles. One person was hit and dragged by the motorcycle, and another received a head injury. Both needed urgent medical care, which volunteer medics immediately started to help with. Police came out to clear protesters and offer medical aid, interfering with the community medics. Both injured protesters were able to be transported to receive the needed care after this. The protester who was dragged has been arrested but currently remains at a hospital.

Scheduled Events

  • Art Therapy for Black Lives Matter – 1-5 PM at Irving Park
  • Laurelhurst Park Direct Action March – 8 PM


The Art Therapy event this afternoon was interrupted with what appears to be an attempted arrest by DHS officers:

At Laurelhurst Park for tonight’s action:

Led by activist Demetria Hester:

Another loop around the building:

Many protesters and press have left as the night appears to be winding down.

CW for violent arrests, assault, and a vehicle attack in the videos that follow. There are also strobing lights.




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Agencies present

  • Portland Police Bureau
  • Federal: unidentified, DHS

Munitions used

  • Pepper balls
  • Pepper spray

Number of arrests



  • Attempted Assaulting a Public Safety Officer
  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree
  • Harassment