Protests for August 27


During the day community members met at Kenton Park in North Portland to clean up the park and the bordering neighborhood. Kenton Park and the surrounding area leading to The Portland Police Association nearby has been the site of many protests in the last few months. As a result, community-made flyers indicating that there has been high levels of tear gas exposure in the area have been posted around the neighborhood. Another unfortunate result is the litter that sometimes got left behind by the large crowds. In response, community members got together for a couple of hours and were provided tools and trash bags to pick up litter in the area.

In the evening, a march by PDX Black Youth Movement led protesters in downtown Portland. This event drew around 100 people, who marched around the downtown area chanting the names of victims of police violence, including Jacob Blake, and asking those watching from their windows above the streets to join them. There were also speeches along the route by young black activists leading the march. By about 9:45 pm, the group of protesters returned to Duniway Park, where they had begun their march, and the event ended.

Following the end of the march downtown, there was some confusion about whether or not there was another demonstration planned for the night. There was some talk on social media of protesters reconvening at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building, but a protest in that area didn’t appear to materialize. An event hadn’t been planned, which left the night’s protests to end by 10 pm.

Scheduled Events


In the middle of the day, community members assembled at Kenton Park near The Portland Police Association building to clean up the park and neighborhood.

In the early evening protesters gathered at Duniway Park in Southwest Portland for a march.

While there was talk on social media of protesters reconvening at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building, it didn’t appear to draw enough numbers to move forward.




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