Protests for August 15


On Sunday, Black Lives Matter counter-protesters showed up for a far-right rally outside the Justice Center in Downtown Portland. There was chanting and yelling from both groups. The far-right demonstrators pepper-sprayed people multiple times and shot paintball pellets. As they were leaving, one of these demonstrators fired live shots from their car. Not long after, an unidentified person tossed a gunpowder pipe bomb at the counter-protesters.

That afternoon in 100 degree heat, PDX Black Youth Movement held a lively “Black Girl Magic” event with music and dancing in north Portland. In SE Portland, a neighborhood rally met at Mt. Scott Park then held a march.

At dusk, protesters gathered at Laurelhurst Park which has been a frequent start point for marches to the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office / SE Precinct (EMSCO). After arriving at the police building, protesters chanted and formed a shield line. A militia group called American Wolf briefly came and stood outside the protest with a video crew, then drove off in a limo. After protesters crossed into the EMSCO property area and tagged the building, a riot was declared and police cleared the protesters, hitting them and bashing into the shields. Smoke canisters were deployed as well.

Police held a line at Cesar Chavez Blvd. (formerly 39th), using more smoke before leaving. Protesters regrouped to march back to the precinct, but riot police came and punctured the tires of the vehicle that was leading them. A protester cracked the window of one of the police vehicles, which led to a search and chase through the neighborhood and onto a residential property. Police pushed the crowd again, making more arrests, then retreated. Protesters returned to EMCSO where they danced and chanted until about 2 AM.

Scheduled Events


This afternoon, a group of far-right organizers are holding an event downtown outside the Justice Center, which is met by BLM counter-protesters.

The far-right group begins to leave and the BLM counter-protesters follow them:

The far-right protesters entered the parking garage where they had parked, using pepper spray and paintball rounds on the BLM group. On exiting the garage, one of the far-right people fired live rounds from his car:

Then a pipe bomb was thrown from another vehicle:

The protests appear to have ended at this point.

In SE Portland at Mt. Scott Park, around 60 people have gathered for a Black Lives Matter rally and march.

Meanwhile in north Portland, the Black Girl Magic event is kicking off with a dance party:

Protesters are gathering in another part of SE Portland tonight with a march that will leave from Laurelhurst Park:

Moms United for Black Lives is out here tonight:

What appears to be a right-wing militia called “American Wolf” has shown up a couple blocks away from the police building:

…and they have a limo?

Back at the Penumbra Kelly Building:

The graffiti says “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”:

A riot was declared at 11:57 PM: (some of the videos after this point may be out of order, reporters seem to be having slow uploads)

Protesters seem to be continuing to do what they were doing:

Then police rush the crowd and push them down the street:

I’m unsure whether this is smoke (which PPB has used frequently in the last few weeks) or tear gas:

Protesters chant “this is what community looks like!”

Then the police push forward:

And that’s the night!




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Agencies present

Portland Police Bureau

Munitions used

  • Smoke
  • Impact munitions

Number of arrests

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