Protests for August 13


This was not the first time a main demonstration hadn’t been planned for the night in Portland, Oregon. In the days when every demonstration was automatically assumed to take place downtown, people would show up in front of the Justice Center whether there was an official event planned or not. Events co-occurring in the early evening in Peninsula Park (North Portland) and Jamison Square (Downtown Portland) drew small crowds, but when night came on August 13th there was no main demonstration in sight. Some protesters still went to the Justice Center, but even by 9:30 – 10 pm, there were 50 people in the area at most. With already small numbers from the start, the night came and went uneventfully.

Scheduled Events


At 6 pm, community members gathered at Peninsula Park in North Portland to hear speeches and march a short route around the neighborhood.

In the Pearl District of downtown Portland, another group of protesters gathered and marched around the neighborhood.

At the customary location for nightly demonstrations in front of the Justice Center, a small crowd gathered despite the fact that there was no event planned.





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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau