Protests for August 11


Tuesday afternoon, the Kid-Centered March for Black Lives drew out a few dozen families for speeches, marching, and chants. In the evening, mutual aid group The Witches held a self-care event at Laurelhurst Park that was followed by a march to the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office / SE Precinct on East Burnside. Protesters stood outside the building, chanting and giving speeches. The night ended uneventfully with no arrests or munitions used.

Scheduled Events

Kid-Centered March for Black Lives – 6 PM at Sunnyside School Park

Laurelhurst Park direct action march – 8 PM


Beautiful weather today for the Kid-Centered March for Black Lives:

Before tonight’s march at Laurelhurst Park, The Witches are holding a self-care event:

The march has begun!

Protesters are arriving at the Penumbra Kelly Building, where the East Multnomah County Sheriffs Office and SE Precinct are located.

There’s reports that someone was badly injured after falling out of the bed of a pickup truck:

There’s another incident involving a cyclist:

There’s a sculpture of a police dog (which no protester has attempted to damage, to the best of my knowledge) inside this box:

The night ended uneventfully.




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