Protests for December 8


At about 5 am this morning, residents of the Red House awoke to police at their door attempting to forcefully evict them. Many of their belongings were haphazardly tossed outside and they were given a small amount of time to gather their things and vacate the premises. In response, the community mobilized and came to the aid of the Kinney family, a Black and Indigenous family who have lived at the Red House for decades and have been fighting eviction since September. Community members showed up in numbers and were successfully able to push the police back, but not before 7 people were arrested including two members of the Kinney family. After the departure of riot police, community members took to building a barricade around the block of the Red House and have remained in the area all day, anticipating the eventual return of the police. While police have not returned throughout the day or the next morning, protesters remain in the area and the barricades are still up.

The Kinney family issued a press release about the day’s events here.

You can also donate to the Kinney family here,

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Portland Police Officers arrived at the Red House on Mississippi early in the morning in an attempt to evict the family who has been living there and protesting their eviction. The community came to their aid.

After protesters successfully push back riot police, community members begin removing the fencing around the Red House.

Protesters have erected a barricade around the street of the Red House.

At 6 pm Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler makes this announcement on his Twitter:

Protesters have remained in the area throughout the day, anticipating the return of police.




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