December 31 Protest – New Years Noise-Making Event


Despite the coming of the new year, tonight’s protest looked straight out of Portland’s summer season. Protesters were back at the Justice Center in numbers for the first time in a long time (not counting the Remember Wounded Knee memorial a few days ago, which started at the Justice Center but then moved to ICE), and it seems some time off has reinvigorated the community. Protesters began the night with speeches, fireworks, and setting several items on fire including a crosswalk light and a plastic dumpster.

The fires prompted an announcement from the Portland Police LRAD that the gathering was declared an unlawful assembly and, minutes later, a riot. Shortly after, Portland Police arrived and were able to push protesters a few blocks before they began throwing bottles and fireworks at officers. After being pushed back to the Justice Center by protesters, reinforcements from Homeland Security and Multnomah County Sheriff’s arrive. The joint forces managed to push protesters back a few blocks once again, bull rushing and causing injury to protesters at least once, before withdrawing at midnight. Protesters took the opportunity to move away from the Justice Center and migrated towards the Pioneer Square area, where some took to smashing windows and at least one store was reportedly looted. A small group of police officers came to the area to disperse protesters, but the night ended not long after.


The New Years protest demonstration begins at the Justice Center in Downtown Portland.

A small fire has been set behind the fence surrounding the federal courthouse.

Just before 10:45 pm, Portland Police declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

The dumpster that was lit on fire does not handle it well.

Minutes later, at about 10:50 pm Portland Police declare the gathering a riot.

Officers in riot gear arrive just before 11:15 pm.

After pushing protesters about one block west, officers retreat.

Homeland Security (DHS) officers then arrive to confront protesters.

In the footage below, protesters are seen being shoved to the ground from behind by sprinting police officers.

A group of protesters move to the Pioneer Square area, a few blocks from the Justice Center and federal courthouse, where windows are smashed.

Media Present


Agencies Present

  • Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service
  • Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
  • Portland Police Bureau


  • mace
  • pepper balls
  • smoke
  • tear gas


Arrests reported, numbers not available


Not available as of 1/1