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With most of the protest community occupied at the Red House on Mississippi, Portland Police turned their attention to Laurelhurst Park early in the morning. Residents of the park and community members began fighting a sweep of the houseless encampment when it was first announced a few weeks ago. Protesters were successful at blocking police from doing so initially, but with most people doing community support elsewhere, police came back this morning and cleared the entire camp, displacing all of its residents.

Concurrently, today was the second day of the Red House Eviction Blockade. Protesters and varying groups continue to provide mutual aid within the blockade, and there has yet to be a significant police presence since their initial attempt at evicting the Kinney family (the residents of the Red House) yesterday. Things were relatively calm, besides the area being harassed by aggressive trucks of right-wingers, until about 9:30 pm when two cars drove by and threw explosive devices towards one of the entrances of the barricade. Thankfully, no one was hurt by this attack. Protesters remain at the Red House as it enters its third day of eviction defense.

You can donate to the Kinney family here.

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Laurelhurst Park

Early in the morning police arrive at Laurelhurst Park to clear a houseless encampment.

By 2:20 pm Laurelhurst Park has been cleared out and all of its residents displaced.

The Red House on Mississippi

The eviction blockade at the Red House that began yesterday morning continues.

Organizers of the Red House eviction blockade begin a press conference at 1 pm.

Check out journalist Brian Conley’s thread, which begins here, for a much more detailed recounting of the press conference:

Community members show their support by bringing supplies and neighboring businesses have opened their facilities to protesters.

At around 9:35 pm, two vehicles drove by the Red House and individuals inside threw explosives towards protesters. No one was hurt by this attack.

SOUND WARNING: The footage below contains loud explosions.





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Agencies Present

  • Portland Police Bureau (Laurelhurst Park Sweep)