Protests for December 4


There were two different demonstrations outside of Portland tonight, one in Salem against hate groups and one in Eugene calling for justice for Aiden Ellison, a black teenager who was killed by a white man for playing loud music in Ashland, OR and Muhsin Sharif, who was shot by Eugene Police earlier this week.

In Salem, protesters gathered at the Capitol building, where they listened to speeches before marching. This demonstration unfortunately had the attention of right-wing individuals in the area and faced a lot of harassment and threats from passing cars as well as cars driving erratically and dangerously near protesters. Despite the threats, protesters marched to the new Salem Police precinct, where they drew in chalk on the grounds and taped letters addressed to Salem Police on the doors. This demonstration ended by around 8:30 pm.

In Eugene, protesters gathered despite the cold to listen to speeches and march to a vigil for Muhsin Sharif. This march, unlike the one in Salem, was not plagued by the presence of aggressive right-wing counter protesters, however there was a heavy police presence following the march. Fortunately police didn’t interact with the march or protesters for the duration of the demonstration, and it ended by around 9 pm without any incident.

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Salem, OR

A rally against hate groups and calling for police accountability begins in Salem at 5 pm.

Some protesters were attacked by right-wing individuals in the area.

Protesters begin preparing to march.

A van drives erratically near the group of protesters, almost hitting multiple people.

Protesters arrive at Salem Police’s new station at about 7:30 pm.

By about 8:30 pm, the demonstration comes to an end.

Eugene, OR

At the same time, a protest is also taking place in Eugene, Oregon.

Just before 7 pm protesters begin marching in the street.

The Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council denied the family of Breonna Taylor’s request to have a special prosecutor present Breonna’s case to a grand jury today.

Muhsin Sharif was shot by Eugene Police on Monday, November 30th. He is currently in the hospital recovering.

By around 9 pm the demonstration is coming to an end.







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Agencies Present

  • Salem Police Department
  • Eugene Police Department