Protests for June 30


Tonight’s protest and march at Peninsula Park started with speeches from Rabbi Ariel Stone and other community members on topics spanning Palestinian solidarity, police brutality, and other intersectional aspects of the BLM movement. At 8 PM protesters marched from the park to the Portland Police Association headquarters. Tonight the PPB contract expires, and it is scheduled to be extended by city council on Wednesday. At the PPA building, a crowd of police officers including Oregon State Police guarded the building perimeter.

Police declared an “unlawful assembly” not long after protesters arrived there, deploying riot munitions. The group was pushed a distance through the neighborhood, with several arrests. At 10:14 PM the police declared the gathering a “riot” and began tear gassing protesters and the surrounding neighborhood. There were repeated announcements for the protest to move toward Albina St, but on arrival a large number of police were there and began arresting them. Multiple reporters are included in those arrests.

A smaller group of around 50-60 people rallied at the Justice Center tonight, tapering off after 1 AM.

Scheduled Events

Peninsula Park with Direct Action Alliance, PNW Youth Liberation Front, Femmes Strike Back, and Revolution Rising – 3pm potluck, 6pm protest 

Shock Bloc “Black on Both Sides” A vigil and Dance Party for the Black LGBTQIA – 8pm Rev Hall 


The evening starts off with speeches at Peninsula Park:

The march begins a little after 8pm.

Another event taking place tonight is a Shock Bloc Vigil/Dance Party at Revolution Hall:

A riot was declared at about 10:14 PM:

There was also a gathering at the Justice Center:

Reporter Cory Elia was arrested around 11:30 PM:

11:39 PM “LRAD says it’s a riot again.” — @tuckwoodstock




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Agencies present

Munitions used

  • Smoke
  • Pepper ball
  • Flash bangs
  • Tear gas
  • Stingball smokeless rubber bullet

Number of arrests



  • Interfering with Police Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct I
  • Disorderly Conduct II 
  • Assault on a Public Safety Officer
  • Riot
  • Resist Arrest
  • Escape II
  • Harassment