Protests for June 26


Friday morning, Don’t Shoot PDX presented their report, “Riot Control Agents: Systemic Reassessment of Adverse effects on Health, Mental Stability, and Social Inequities“. That evening, a new agreement was filed on their temporary restraining order against the city, further restricting the use of crowd control munitions until July 24.

At a press conference, Police Chief Lovell claimed that the Thursday night protesters at the North Precinct nailed doors shut, barricading people inside, while a fire was started outside the building. This claim is not backed up by reports from protesters or press who were there.

The scheduled Abolish ICE protest march led people to a rally with speeches in Terry Schrunk Plaza, a block from the Justice Center. About 500 attended.

Protesters gathered at the Justice Center, forming groups in the nearby park and streets surrounding the building throughout the evening. Police sporadically emerged from the building to shoot at them. One protester left by ambulance after being struck. Another was taken to the hospital for care after a bb from one of these shots lodged in their eye cavity.

Early in the morning, police attempted to break up the gathering, chasing and attacking protesters.

Scheduled Events

Don’t Shoot PDX press conference on tear gas report

Unemployed Workers March – 1pm at Peninsula Park 

Abolish ICE Protest – 4:30pm at Fields Park

Bloc Party (Snack Bloc) – 8pm at Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade


11:15 AM: remaining Justice Center fence is removed

At the Abolish ICE protest:

Breaking – Don’t Shoot Portland plaintiffs and city file an agreement on restricting the use of crowd-control munitions:

At the Justice Center:

[CW: injury photos in thread below]

Second serious injury report tonight:

[CW: assault with baton in video below]

CW for police violence

Update on protester with eye injury





As Some Black Community Leaders Decry Protest, Dueling Tales Of Conflict With Police

The Oregonian

Portland protests resume Friday for 30th day: ‘We need to continue to show up’

30th night of Portland protests ends in dispersal orders, munitions and use of force by police

Portland police now face further restrictions on use of less-lethal launchers, pepper spray for crowd control


Agencies Present

  • PPB
  • MSCO
  • Oregon National Guard?

Munitions used

  • Rubber bullets (foam?)
  • Flash bang grenades
  • Pepper spray

Number of arrests

Four according to PPB, but the PDX Protest Bail Fund reports six


  • Interfering with a Police Officer
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Harassment
  • Unlawful Use of a Laser
  • Delivery of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine)
  • Attempt Elude