Protests for June 25


Groups of protesters gathered at the Justice Center and Fernhill Park on the night of June 25. The latter event marched to the North Precinct and barricaded off an area of the street. After one of the barricades was set on fire, police swarmed the area with tear gas and impact munitions. Police made statements afterward that protesters had shut them in the building then attempted to set it on fire, which is not backed up by any reporters who were there.

At the Justice Center, protesters held a candlelight vigil and formed a protected fence area in front of the building.

Scheduled Events

Rally for Patrick Kimmons

#pdxstandingby Direct Action March


8 PM – March starting from Fernhill Park

9PM – Candlelight vigil at the JC

10:26 PM – Barricades formed at North Precinct

10:41 PM – Projections on the JC say Dismantle White Supremacy and The Fence is a Lie

10:55 PM – Cars blocking MLK on Killingsworth

11:27 PM – Tuck confirms N Portland barricades still allow police to exit precinct building

11:30PM – Cops fire munitions at JC protesters

11:41 PM – Car drives through barricade in N Portland

11:42 PM – NE Emerson barricade is being reinforced

12:30 AM (Friday) – Someone fires a gun outside the JC

1:39 AM (Friday) – a fire is started at one of the N precinct barricades

1:42 AM (Friday) – “Notice they are only aiming at heads” in N Portland

2:05 AM (Friday) – Everyone is suddenly panicking about officers coming in from the sides (East and west on Killingsworth. Looks clear at this exact moment. Fire is roaring and protesters have backed way up.

2:20 AM (Friday) – Some protesters just lit the building in fire thinking it was the precinct. Now people are saying that it’s a Black owned business so everyone’s trying to put out the fire.

And now that protesters are putting out a fire…… police move in

2:24 AM (Friday) – Police pull people from a car into a cloud of tear gas in N Portland

2:36 AM (Friday) – Tuck greets a tear gas canister with “hello, hello!” in North Portland

2:58 AM (Friday) – Police push protesters north again (N Portland)

3:30 AM (Friday) – Sponge round used in N Portland

3:40 AM (Friday) – Police nearly hit protester with car in N Portland

6 AM (Friday) – Remains of a smoking dumpster in N Portland

Summary of the fire safety situation and rebuttal to PPB statements 


Reporters present



Community leaders condemn ‘evil’ acts of violence in Northeast Portland

The Nation

‘We Can’t Be Duped by Petty Reforms’: A Q&A With a Black Panther

The Oregonian

Police chief, Black leaders decry violence, vandalism to police precinct, NE Portland businesses, calling actions ‘evil’

Portland strippers march for equal scheduling of Black dancers

Protests flare overnight in NE Portland; property damaged; police use tear gas

Portland Mercury

Portlanders Denounce Violence from Demonstrators—and Police—Following Thursday Night Protest

Willamette Week

Black Leaders Decry Vandalism, Fires Along Portland’s Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard


Munitions used

Number of arrests


Update [7/8/20]: 2 arrested in connection with North Portland protest fire


  • Interfering with a Peace Officer
  • Resist Arrest
  • Riot
  • Disorderly Conduct II
  • Assaulting a Public Safety Officer