Protests for November 30

Timeline A vigil is happening downtown at Pioneer Square tonight. Trail of Lights Memorial:A march to remember those lost on the road to revolution.— Alissa Azar (@R3volutionDaddy) December 1, 2020 People are lighting candles as Gary Floyd gives a speech celebrating Black love— Alissa Azar (@R3volutionDaddy) December 1, 2020 Protesters raise their fists … Continue reading Protests for November 30

Protests for November 29

Summary Timeline Down in Vancouver for a Justice and Accountability for Keven Peterson Jr. march. There were about 15 armed RW’ers when we left the park. They stopped being confrontational when they saw how many armed leftists there were.— Alissa Azar (@R3volutionDaddy) November 29, 2020 Current speaker- “If this government is Innocent until proven … Continue reading Protests for November 29

News and Events for November 27

Scheduled Events Buy Black Friday - 1pm at Irving Park Timeline Here at Irving Park, where the Black Friday market of Black-owned small businesses just opened.— Sean Bascom (@baaascom) November 27, 2020 @PDXEWOKS are here with essentials— Sean Bascom (@baaascom) November 27, 2020 Buy Black Market is in full swing and is BEAUTIFUL. … Continue reading News and Events for November 27

Protests for November 23

Timeline Tonight people gathered in Pioneer Square for a vigil in honor of Hamza "Travis" Nagdy, who died in a shooting in Louisville on Sunday night. A candlelight vigil for #TravisNagdy at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland. The friends and family of Hamza "Travis" Nagdy were in attendance and shared their heartfelt memories. #BlackLivesMatter … Continue reading Protests for November 23

News for November 16

No protests scheduled today. Media Articles Los Angeles Times Portland’s anarchists say they support racial justice. Black activists want nothing to do with them The Oregonian Portland police report 6,283 uses of force during protests in 2020, but data has significant gapsTed Wheeler asks Portland police chief, 911 director for report on emergency call response … Continue reading News for November 16

Protests for November 13

Timeline A small protest is happening at the ICE building in the South Waterfront neighborhood tonight: “We’re a little tired, but don’t forget we still hate you.”The lights are off. Feds say goodnight.— Melissa “Claudio” Lewis (@Claudio_Report) November 14, 2020 There is a small gathering in front of the ICE detention facility tonight. About 20-30 … Continue reading Protests for November 13