February 5, 2021 Protest – Chinga La Migra


After a community healing event at Irving Park earlier in the evening, protesters made their way straight to the ICE facility, without making their usual rendezvous at Elizabeth Caruthers Park first, for a demonstration. The night remained relatively quiet, with federal officers in riot gear only coming out once, just after 11 pm, to let a car out of the facility and fire munitions at protesters. Without frequent interference from federal officers, who mostly remained within the facility, protesters spent the night drumming and chanting. Around 11:20 pm they sang Happy Birthday to Trayvon Martin, who would have turned 26 years old today. By about 1 am, almost all of the protesters had left the area and the night came to an end.


A demonstration in front of the ICE facility begins at 10 pm.

Federal officers make their first announcement of the night to protesters at 11 pm.

Officers then emerge from the facility.

At 11:12 pm officers declare the gathering an unlawful assembly.

Officers fire munitions at protesters as they retreat back behind the gate of the facility.

Protesters sing Happy Birthday to Trayvon Martin. Rest in Power Trayvon.

Despite the unlawful assembly declaration, federal officers have not emerged from the facility again.

A car drives aggressively down the street on which protesters are standing. Reports indicate no one was injured.

Media Present


Agencies Present

Department of Homeland Security – Federal Protective Service


  • mace
  • pepper balls